If you are interested in a position working for Amity, please apply online via the online application form and submit a current resume along with a one-page professional essay (500 word minimum) titled, “Why I Want to Teach English to Children in Japan.”

International applications will only be accepted by the Los Angeles office. Steps for the interview process are located on the Home Page (under Recruiting Process).
For applicants living and/or working in Japan, please apply here.
Please email our domestic recruiting office at domestichiring@amity.co.jp.

Office Locations

Amity Los Angeles Office

222 N. Pacific Coast Highway
STE. 2000
El Segundo, CA 90245
Tel: (310) 662-4710 / Fax: (310) 662-4711
Email: amityla@amityteachers.com

Amity Head Office (Corporate Office)

2-3-23 Kosei-cho, Kita-ku
Tel: (086) 224-1612 / Fax: (086) 224-9593
Email: amityedu@amity.co.jp
Email: domestichiring@amity.co.jp

Business Offices in Japan

Amity Head Office (Corporate Office)

2-3-23 Kousei-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama, 700-0985, Japan
Tel: (086) 224-1612 / Fax: (086) 234-9593
Email: amityedu@amity.co.jp
Email: domestichiring@amity.co.jp

Amity Tokyo Office (Regional Office)

Kousaku Building 1st Floor 3-18-7 Kamikitazawa,
Setagaya Tokyo, 156-0057, Japan
Tel: (03) 5374-1200 / Fax: (03) 5374-1202
Email: amityedu@amity.co.jp

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